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Why 1000 Friends of Washington changed its name to Futurewise.

In February 2005, 1000 Friends of Washington unveiled its new name: Futurewise. As in “Futurewise: Building Communities, Protecting the Land.” 

Q:  Why did you change from 1000 Friends of Washington?

A:  We are doing powerful work that is shaping a better future. We need a name that builds a stronger connection between our work and the people of Washington State.  Simply put, we need a strong, memorable name that clearly communicates the importance of our work.

1000 Friends of Washington was neither strong nor unique.  It said nothing about what motivates us – a vision for a better future.  Washington has more than 300 “Friends of” groups, making it difficult to build name recognition for 1000 Friends of Washington.

Q:  Why did you change the name to Futurewise?

A:  A good name is one that facilitates building a brand in the crowded arena of public discourse. It needs to be unique and credible. It needs to be spelled easily, pronounced simply and consistently reproduced. It needs to stand the test of time, lest its descriptive nature fail to capture the scope of future work.  All the while, it needs to evoke positive reactions from those who hear it for the first time.

So, we asked ourselves, what are we working for? What underscores everything we do? What defines our movement?

The product of our work, and of a number sessions that guided us through a detailed process honed over 30 years of brand development, was Futurewise.  All of the work we do is design to make Washington’s future better.

Futurewise: Building Communities, Protecting the Land.

Q:  What other changes have you made?  Are you the same group?

A:  Only two organizational changes were made with the name change:  the name itself and the design of our logo and look.  Everything else has remained the same.  The same board and staff.  The same mission and the same great work.   Our website address became and our e-mail address have the same prefix followed by

Q:  Did you spend a lot of money on this name change?

A:  Futurewise was fortunate to have nearly all the name development, logo and design work donated.

In addition to the donated services of Heckler & Associates, who came up with the name, Futurewise enlisted designer Kate Thompson, principal in the firm Dillon-Thompson, who donated her efforts in the creation of our new logo.  We find the swooshing dots as a powerful metaphor for a progressive path into the future.

Our newsletter is designed by Sayre Coombs and our new website design is a collaborative effort of volunteers Keith Zentner and Office Manager Scott Kennedy.  Our letterhead and business cards are the designed by volunteer Mike Levitt.

Futurewise: Looking Ahead

It is our sincerest belief that the development of our new brand under the Futurewise banner will enable us to connect with a far larger audience, with far greater capacity to support our mission, than ever before.

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