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Futurewise works to build healthy livable communities, protect our working farmlands, forests, and waterways, and create a better quality of life for present and future generations.

All Washingtonians can benefit from development done with the long-term health of our communities in mind. Our 2014 Legislative Agenda focuses on strategies that will support businesses, provide safe options for people to get around, ensure equitable affordable housing, and protect the food, air and water we depend on.

Create more equitable and livable communities.

Two of the biggest roadblocks to accommodating growth in our cities are an inadequate supply of affordable housing and a lack of funds to pay for the infrastructure needed to service it. We support creating new tools to facilitate affordable and sustainable infill development – like Value Capture Financing and Housing our Workforce.

Address our transportation crisis.

We support a new transportation revenue package that gives all Washingtonians the opportunity to get where we need to go by fixing broken roads, putting more buses on the street, investing in our ferries and communities, and creating more jobs.

Protect our communities and taxpayers from poorly planned sprawl.

Too often we develop in ways that raise costs for families and taxpayers, impact our health, and create long-term environmental damage - with the results undermining our local economy and our future quality of life. We support efforts, like reforming our vesting laws and adopting a state growth strategy, to better protect our state’s natural & economic bottom lines, and quality of life.

2014 Environmental Priorities

This session the Environmental Priorities Coalition is presenting two straightforward, commonsense opportunities for progress: closing a tax loophole that benefits Big Oil and the Oil Transportation Safety Act, which will protect our communities from the increasing threat of oil spills.

Weakening or even maintaining status quo for environmental protections isn’t good enough - we need to move forward on environmental action.

Closing the Big Oil Tax Loophole:

Oil companies like BP and Shell should be paying to clean up their pollution, not profiting from state tax loophole breaks. But these and other oil companies are taking advantage of a tax loophole that was never meant for them. The Legislature created this “accidental loophole” in 1949, before any oil refineries operated here. Now, Big Oil profits from the system and avoids paying $59 million of their fair share of taxes.

Oil Transportation Safety Act:

Throughout the nation, we are hearing about fires and accidents caused by oil transport. This is at the same time that Washington faces new proposals to move more oil through our state - increasing our risk of oil spills and accidents. It is more urgent than ever to protect the health of our waterways and improve safety in communities across Washington. The Environmental Priorities Coalition believes you deserve to know how much and what kind of oil is moving through our state, as well as have improved safety standards to protect our waterways and our coasts.

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For more information about Futurewise or our 2014 Legislative Agenda, please contact April Putney by Email or call (206) 343-0681x120

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