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By fulfilling the promise of VISION 2040, King County can be the national leader in integrating land use and transportation policy to grow our economy, save local farms and habitat, protect clean air and water, and build healthy, livable communities.

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The King County Growth Management Planning Council just completed the first major update of the Countywide Planning Policies in two decades. Now the King County Council is updating its Comprehensive Plan to reflect those new policies.

We have the opportunity to be the national leader in integrating land use and transportation policy to:

  • Grow our economy
  • Increase affordable transit and housing choices
  • Save local farms and habitat
  • Protect clean air and water
  • Build healthy, livable communities

What the Comprehensive Plan Must Do

Grow the Economy with VISION 2040
The regional VISION 2040 sets the baseline for growing our communities where it makes the most sense. Future growth needs to occur where the infrastructure already exists and where there’s the greatest opportunity to reduce the transportation system’s oil dependence. The King County Comprehensive Plan needs to specifically require planning for the VISION 2040 population allocation targets as both floors and ceilings for projected growth.

Save Local Farms and Habitat
For the sustainability of our farms, we need to protect our open lands for local food production. The rural areas on the urban fringe are critical for ensuring the future of local agriculture and yet face the most pressure for development. The Comprehensive Plan needs to fulfill VISION 2040’s policy of reducing dense development patterns in rural areas and limiting additions into existing urban growth areas.

Protect Our Rivers, Lakes, and Sound
New development needs to include clean water infrastructure that will clean toxic runoff from streets and parking lots. Porous parking lot surfaces and curbside bioswale recharge areas are two examples of clean water infrastructure for new development.

Build Transit-Oriented Communities

To reduce oil dependence and support increased transit options, land use policies need to support development patterns for transit-oriented communities. Housing and employment options need to be of sufficient quantity and density to support light rail and other high-capacity transit in urban and subregional centers, and streets need to be safe and convenient for cyclists and pedestrians of all skill levels.
Ensure Affordability
Reducing commuting times and oil dependence requires building homes and jobs closer together. In order to do that, housing in all locations needs to be affordable for people of all income backgrounds. In addition, manufacturing and industrial businesses should be allowed to have accessory dwellings to support their workers, such as a watchman’s tower.

Read the Public Comments to Staff

More Resources

Read the proposed comprehensive plan updates on King County's website.

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