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Global Warming Comprehensive Plan Update Updates Green House Gas Carbon Lynnwood Sustainability

Global warming will change our regional climate. Increased rain fall and flooding threatens lowland farms and businesses, recovering from more natural disasters burden public agencies and taxpayers, and decreased snow pack puts irrigated agriculture at risk.

Repowering our economy with clean, renewable energy and increasing the resiliency of our built and natural environments present an enormous economic opportunity for communities across Washington State.

By saving our forests, shorelines, and critical habitat, we can absorb more carbon from the air while protecting endangered and threatened species. By growing more food locally, we will be healthier people and have a homegrown economy. By building more homes near more high-capacity transit, we can increase access to affordable lifestyles while also supporting mom-and-pop stores on main streets.

Futurewise works to build public support for passing and implementing state climate change legislation. And we partner with cities and counties that are proactively taking steps now to reduce vehicle miles traveled and to incorporate climate change as an element of their planning process.

Upcoming Events

Futurewise Brownbag Series on the Seattle Climate Action Plan
The City of Seattle is currently in the process of updating its Climate Action Plan in order to meet its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. That means Seattle has an incredible opportunity to set a plan and actions toward improving economic opportunity, affordability and self-sufficiency, and public health by building high-performing, transit oriented communities. Futurewise is partnering with the Seattle Office of Sustainability and the Environment and Seattle Councilmember Mike O’Brien to host four panel brownbag discussions from December 2011 to mid-summer 2012 to dream what’s possible.

Our Last Brownbag:

Building a Strong, Healthy Economy for Real Results
December 14, 12:00-1:30, Seattle City Hall Boards & Commissions Room (L280)
Building businesses that reduce our dependence on oil, coal, and other sources of energy pays a double dividend: we create new regional micro-economic engines while save working families at the pump and on their home utility bills. A panel of local experts will discuss the opportunities of growth without pollution economic model.
Co-Moderators: Councilmembers Tim Burgess and Sally Clark.
Panelists: Kristen Sheeran of EcoTrust, Patrick Neville of King County Labor Council and BlueGreen Alliance, Brian Geller of the Seattle 2030 District, and Steve Gelb of SustainableWorks.

Click here to RSVP >>

Click here to read about more upcoming brownbags >>

What we've done:

  • Assisted the City of Lynnwood to adopt a climate change element as part of its 2011 comprehensive plan update.
  • Assisted Skagit County with a Climate Action Plan.
  • Worked with Spokane and Tacoma on climate ordinances.
  • Advocated for King County’s newly adopted policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80 percent below 2007 levels by the year 2050.
  • Futurewise is currently working with the Cascade Bicycle Club and the Sierra Club to hold the Puget Sound Regional Council accountable to state law with regard to its Transportation 2040 Plan. Click here to learn more about our lawsuit.

Additional Resources

Futurewise Publication
What Role Does the GMA Play in Reducing Green House Gas Emissions? The GMA Requires Communities to Mitigate and Adapt to Global Warming.
To read the report, click here.

Model Climate Change Ordinance
The City of Lynnwood's Energy and Sustainability Element in the Comprehensive Plan provides a good example on addressing climate change in a Comprehensive Plan. To read it, click here.

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