About Us

Futurewise works throughout Washington state to encourage healthy, equitable and opportunity-rich communities. and to protect our most valuable farmlands, forests, and water resources through wise land use policies and practices.

For three decades, Futurewise has been your steward of the GMA, helping rural and urban communities across Washington plan for a just, sustainable future. Futurewise is your voice for forward-looking land use policy across Washington, with offices in Seattle, Spokane and Port Angeles.

Climate Change

  • Reducing greenhouse gas pollution
  • Protecting communities from sea level rise, drought and wildfires


  • Ensuring access to affordable homes in all neighborhoods
  • Undoing the legacy of racist zoning that segregated our cities

Wildlife Habitat

  • Conserving forests, streams and wetlands for native species
  • Preventing pollution and habitat degradation


  • Making it easier to walk, bike and roll
  • Connecting jobs and homes through public transit

Food Systems

  • Saving family farms and investing in local agriculture

Economic development

  • Promoting fiscally responsible growth
  • Promoting healthy, opportunity-rich communities, no matter where you live

How We Work

Futurewise works at every level of government in Washington. We bring a broad range of tools to advocate for healthy environments and equitable communities.

  • Legal Appeals
  • Research and Data Analysis
  • Community Engagement
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Grassroots Organizing
  • Education and Technical Assistance

Our Staff

Alex Brennan (he/him)

Executive Director

Kate Brunette Kreuzer (she/her)

Director of External Affairs

Marcella Buser (she/her)

State Organizer

Nicole Harris

Water, Fish, and Wildlife Program Coordinator

Tiernan Martin (he/him)

Director of Research

Brady Nordstrom

Eastside Program Coordinator

Michelle Pappas

Spokane Program Manager

Millicent Rhoades


Susannah Spock

Water, Fish, and Wildlife Program Manager

Tim Trohimovich (he/him)

Director of Planning and Law

Our Board Members

Maricela Sanchez (Benton County)


Angela Compton (Pierce County)

Vice President

Janae Huber (Thurston County)


Andrew Houston (King County)

Legislative Committee Chair

Ian Munce (Skagit County)

Legal Committee Chair

Mark Wainwright (King County)

External Affairs Committee Chair

Ron Davis (King County)

Anthony Gill (Spokane County)

Veronika Meiers (Columbia County)

Sarah Myhre (King County)

Alex Shannon (King County)

John Spencer (Snohomish County)

Rian Watt (King County)

Ginger Wireman (Benton County)