Local Programs

With offices in Seattle, Spokane and Port Angeles, and active projects across Washington, Futurewise is working with you on the issues that matter most to Washington communities, like climate change, housing affordability, racial justice, transportation, food systems and wildlife habitat protection.

Land use is central to the most pressing issues facing our communities.

A spirit of community, collaboration, and collective action anchors all of our work. Together, we build collective power to change laws, policies and systems to make durable, lasting change. Our on-the-ground partners in every corner of Washington provide local context, knowledge, solutions, and boots on the ground, while Futurewise brings 30 years of land use advocacy and expertise to our shared priorities.

Protecting Washington Farmland

Futurewise works with local communities to fight sprawl and save family farms from conversion to parking lots or sub-developments.

Shaping Spokane Together

Futurewise staffs the Shaping Spokane together coalition which advocates for housing affordability in Spokane.

Equitable Transit-Oriented Development in Everett

Futurewise is partnering with the Connect Casino Road community group to advocate for equitable transit-oriented development...

Seattle for Everyone

Futurewise staffs the Seattle for Everyone coalition, a cross-sector effort of local employers, housing providers, and advocacy groups working for shared...

Eastside Housing Roundtable

The Eastside Housing Roundtable (“EHR”) is a broad coalition comprised of employers, non-profits, business organizations...

Improving Shoreline Master Programs

Futurewise works statewide to protect shoreline habitats.

GreenLink Port Angeles

GreenLink supports the city of Port Angeles's goals to improve water quality, habitat, and community assets through a holistic view of watershed planning that promotes inclusion, coordination, and a broad definition of watershed.