Seattle for Everyone

Futurewise staffs the Seattle for Everyone coalition, a cross-sector effort of local employers, housing providers, and advocacy groups working for shared goals for increased housing in Seattle.

Seattle Passes Design Review Reform to Streamline Construction of Affordable Housing

Office Building in Seattle’s International District, with the street car and a Metro bus in the foreground On July 5 2023, the Seattle City Council passed Council Bill 120591 and Council Bill 120581, two pieces of legislation that will remove barriers to affordable …

More Housing for People, Less for Cars

Futurewise and partners at the Seattle City Council hearing on parking legislation Imagine a policy that could help lower the cost of rent, relieve congestion, reduce our transportation emissions and air pollution, and also improve bicycle parking. By changing Seattle’s

Seattle for Everyone Update

For over a year, Futurewise has been leading the outreach work for the Seattle for Everyone Coalition’s support of the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA). Within the HALA are 65 distinct policy recommendations that work together to address the