Equitable Transit-Oriented Development in Everett

Futurewise is partnering with the Connect Casino Road community group to advocate for equitable transit-oriented development in the Casino Road neighborhood of Everett.

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The Sound Transit Everett Link Extension (EVLE) is an opportunity to provide equitable access to high-frequency transit to communities in Everett and western Snohomish County. One of those communities, the Casino Road neighborhood, has one of the highest population densities in the county, as well as the most people of color and low-income households. Unfortunately, Sound Transit’s planning process to date has not reflected the priorities of the Casino Road community. Futurewise is partnering with Connect Casino Road to advocate for community priorities and against displacement alongside the light rail expansion.

March 2024 Executive Director Note – The Seattle Comprehensive Plan Needs Your Help

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Marcella Buser
April 1, 2024