Algona Wetland Preserve

A community wetland planning and education project in partnership with Natural Systems Design and the City of Algona.

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In 2008, the City of Algona purchased 8 acres of wetland with the vision that it would one day become an environmental education and outdoor recreation space for the community. Futurewise, in collaboration with Natural Systems Design, is working with the City to help realize this vision.

The goal of this project is to bring together community members from Algona—and neighboring areas to:

  • Learn about the City-owned wetland
  • Contribute to a collective vision for its design and use
  • Promote ongoing stewardship of this community asset

We aim to support the creation of a well-functioning wetland that is stewarded and appreciated by the entire Algona community for generations to come.

Project Overview

The goal of this project is to bring together community members from Algona—and its neighboring cities—to learn about the science of wetlands, build a collective vision for Algona’s wetland, and design an enhancement program to help guide the City as it works to turn the community’s vision into reality.

The project will include:

Environmental education opportunities for youth and adults
Community stakeholder discussions
A virtual design meeting open to all





We partner with the Algona Community Center and love showing up at events to talk about the wetland and have fun with the community. Keep up on events at the City of Algona Facebook Page


Want an interactive experience with the Algona Wetland Preserve? Visit our custom Storymap and try our guided design workshop to share your values and vision for the Algona Wetland Preserve!


Design Workshop:

This project is a partnership between Futurewise, Natural Systems Design, Blueline Group, and The City of Algona. It is funded in part by King County Wastewater Treatment Division and King Conservation District.


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