Framework for the Future

For almost 30 years, Futurewise has worked to prevent poorly planned sprawl, to protect our State’s resources and to make our urban areas livable for and available to all. Founded to help support implementation of Washington’s innovative Growth Management Act, we focus on preventing the conversion of wildlife habitat, open space, farmland, and working forests to subdivisions and development, while directing most growth into our urbanized areas. Our mission also incorporates an important focus on livability, housing, transportation, social justice, environmental justice and environmental quality in our urbanized areas.

We do this work through a combination of expert data analysis and research, visionary community and environmental planning and policy development, community engagement and outreach, grassroots organizing and advocacy, legislative initiatives, and litigation (as a last choice, when necessary), all through strategic collaboration with businesses, local, state and federal government, and community and non-profit partners.

Over the next twenty years, our state will face an over 25% increase in population. This growth will place more pressure on limited land, strain our shorelines, rivers and streams, exacerbate economic, health and equity challenges, and increase impacts of climate change. If we approach this growth collaboratively and with foresight, our environment, our economy and our communities will thrive.

At Futurewise, we are keeping our eye on a long-term agenda of creating sustainable, equitable communities and protecting our state’s most critical natural resources. We don’t underestimate the work ahead, nor are we intimidated by how long it will take or how difficult it will be to accomplish. We will continue to work in every corner of the state to:

  1. Concentrate Growth in Existing Cities
  2. Create Great Cities with Access to Housing, Transit, Jobs and Basic Services
  3. Make it Easier for People To Get To Where They Need To Go
  4. Ensure Clean Healthy Water and Protect Critical Fish and Wildlife Habitat
  5. Protect Working Farms and Forests
  6. Encourage Economic Development

Our Staff

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Alex Brennan

Executive Director


Tim Trohimovich

Director of Planning and Law, Interim Executive Director

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Candace Anello

Finance and Operations Assistant

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Kate Brunette

Development Manager

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Alison Cable

Alison Cable

Tri-Cities Program Manager

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Kitty Klitzke

Spokane Program Director

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Tiernan Martin

Livable Communities Program Manager

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Katherine Walton

Community Engagement Coordinator

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Cameron Steinback

Cameron Steinback

Antioch Graduate Fellow

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Our Board Members

Jennifer Price


Amalia Leighton


Bill Ross


Mauricio Ayon

Bill Boston

Kerry Brooks

Jeff Eustis

Program Chair

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon

Holly Gadbaw

Katherine George

Chelsea Glaser

Sarah Myhre

Racial Equity Committee Chair

Ryan Ridings

Maricela Sanchez

Erin Tam

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