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Planning for Washington’s

Futurewise works throughout Washington state to encourage healthy, equitable and opportunity-rich communities, and to protect our most valuable farmlands, forests, and water resources through wise land use policies and practices.

Your Voice for Washington's Future

From small towns of 5,000 to cities of 500,000 or anywhere in between, Futurewise believes that the elements of a strong, resilient community are the same. You should have a healthy home you can afford, You should be able to walk, bike, roll and take transit to get where you need to go. You should have access to food from local farms. You should enjoy stunning natural spaces and wildlife habitats.

Futurewise works across Washington to make this vision a reality

Washington state is renowned for its spectacular beauty – from the peaks of the Olympics to the rolling hills of the Palouse. But in the 1980s, more and more of our farmland, forests and open space were being gobbled up by car-centric suburban sprawl, threatening our natural resources, degrading our quality of life and laying the groundwork for decades of greenhouse gas pollution.

A group of concerned community members knew it didn’t have to be this way. In the late 1980s, they got organized to find a solution. As a result of their advocacy, Washington passed the groundbreaking Growth Management Act (GMA), a statewide land use framework for where and how Washingtonians live, work and play. These same activists founded Futurewise, to continue their passionate advocacy for livable, forward-looking land use policy in Washington.

For three decades, Futurewise has been your steward of the GMA, helping rural and urban communities across Washington plan for a just, sustainable future. Futurewise is your voice for forward-looking and use policy across Washington, with offices in Seattle, Spokane and Port Angeles.

For three decades, Futurewise has been your steward of the GMA, helping rural and urban communities across Washington plan for a just, sustainable future. Futurewise is your voice for forward-looking land use policy across Washington, with offices in Seattle, Spokane and Port Angeles.

Concentrate Growth in Existing Cities

Ensure Clean Healthy Water and Protect Critical Fish and Wildlife Habitat

Protect Working Farms and Forests

Create Great Cities with Access to Housing, Transit, Jobs and Basic Services

Make it Easier for People To Get To Where They Need To Go

Encourage Economic Development

Land use is central to the most pressing issues facing our communities.

A spirit of community, collaboration, and collective action anchors all of our work. Together, we build collective power to change laws, policies and systems to make durable, lasting change. Our on-the-ground partners in every corner of Washington provide local context, knowledge, solutions, and boots on the ground, while Futurewise brings 30 years of land use advocacy and expertise to our shared priorities.

Invest in Washington’s Future

Your gift today powers our work across Washington to promote equitable livable communities, protect our farms, forests and wildlife habitat from sprawl, and ensure that Washington stays a great place to live for generations to come.

Hear what our supporters and partners have to say about Futurewise

“When Futurewise told me that they were making HB 1110 [to legalize middle housing] one of their top two priorities, I almost cried. I said thank you, because not only would I love their help as a lawmaker, but it also represents to me a sea-change in how we’re talking about housing and land use, that gives me a lot of hope for the future.”

– Rep. Jessica Bateman

“The rate of growth has been exponential and unprecedented. We are grateful that Futurewise is working to protect water, agriculture and promote livable cities. It’s a David and Goliath situation.”

– Jim and Nancy Soriano, Okanogan County Futurewise supporters and donors since 2008

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