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The Urbanist: The Battle Over Allowing More Rural Accessory Dwelling Units in Washington

Whether allowing new detached dwelling units on most lots in the state’s rural areas would undermine decades of growth planning is a question that’s been put front-and-center by House Bill 2126.

Whether to allow property owners in Washington’s rural areas to build detached accessory dwelling units (DADUs) separate from a main house is turning into a fairly contentious issue during this year’s legislative session. To many policymakers grappling with Washington’s housing affordability crisis, the change is a sensible one that would allow flexibility and lead to increased housing options in the state’s rural areas but on the other side are conservation and environmental advocates concerned that potentially doubling the number of units allowed on rural lots will lead to increased sprawl and out-of-control water usage.

Talking Headways Podcast: Washington State Legislative Roundup

“This week we’re chatting with Alex Brennan, executive director of Futurewise in Washington State about the most-recent legislative session and bills on missing middle class housing, climate change, and transit oriented development. But this conversation isn’t just about Washington, oh no. The issues raised are playing out nationally.”

Passing Middle Housing and Climate Planning with Futurewise’s Bryce Yadon and Marcella Buser

On this Tuesday topical show, Crystal welcomes Bryce Yadon and Marcella Buser from Futurewise to talk about the For Our Future campaign’s success in passing middle housing and climate planning bills during the 2023 legislative session. Bryce and Marcella share how organizing a broad statewide coalition and sustained efforts by key legislators finally pushed middle housing across the finish line, then delve into the details of implementation, rulemaking, and why the policy appeals to so many.

The conversation continues with diagnosing why a transit-oriented development bill had trouble moving forward and describing what impacts the climate planning bill will have in our communities. Finally, Marcella and Bryce encourage interested folks to get involved and help Futurewise tackle continued action and future legislation around land use in Washington state.

The Urbanist Podcast: An Oral History of Passing the Missing Middle Housing Bill

It took a lot to pass that missing middle legislation. In this episode, Doug Trumm and Ray Dubicki bring together interviews with key players who worked to get through the visible and invisible layers of legislating. You will hear from Marcella Buser from Futurewise and Cliff Cawthon from Habitat for Humanity of Seattle-King and Kittitas Counties about the process of building a coalition. Carl Schroeder from the Association of Washington Cities will talk about reaching compromise among many that may not really be interested. And Bryce Yadon from Futurewise and Senator Yasmin Trudeau (D27 – Tacoma) will talk about working the floor in the state legislature. Through it all, lead sponsor of HB 1110, Representative Jessica Bateman (D22 – Olympia) will narrate the process.

Washington state Democrats are tackling the housing crisis

“In this episode, Washington State House Rep. Jessica Bateman talks about championing an ambitious and successful bill that aims to increase housing density in Washington, and the politics of housing in general.”