Futurewise’s research team works to analyze the impact of our work on communities across Washington


Community Engagement Toolkit

In partnership with Public Health-Seattle & King County, Futurewise, Interim CDA, OneAmerica and El Centro de la Raza worked together in 2014 to develop and pilot new approaches for community engagement.

Futurewise Citizen’s Guide to Petitioning Growth Management Hearings Boards for Review of Local Legislative Actions

The Growth Management and Shoreline Management Acts depend on citizens and public interest organizations to enforce the laws’ mandates. This guide describes the process by which a citizen or group can bring a challenge under these Acts before a Growth Management Hearings Board.

Affordable Housing Strategies for Seattle

This report outlines the many tools and strategies that should be explored as part of a Comprehensive Affordable Housing Strategy for Seattle.

Framework for the Future

Our just published ‘Framework for the Future’, which lays out our vision for working with communities to develop and advocate for plans, policies and investments that create long-term impacts and achieve healthier outcomes

The Lay of the Land: King County’s Stormwater Infrastructure

Futurewise coordinated with stormwater staff from all jurisdictions in King County, as well as development professionals, who provided their insights about the lay of the land of low impact development/green stormwater infrastructure (LID/GSI) and related issues in King County.

Seattle Health and Equity Assessment

While the City as a whole may be thriving, certain populations and certain neighborhoods do not enjoy the prosperity and opportunity of others. Read our report to learn about differing access to things like jobs, housing, transportation, food, health services, and more across Seattle.

GreenLink Bellingham

Final report from the GreenLink Bellingham pilot project, which seeks to identify best “bang for your buck” green infrastructure projects through mapping and analysis of current social and environmental conditions in Bellingham, WA.